"A great success. A small step for man, one giant leap for me. Many Thanks." 



"I wanted to express how very grateful I am to you. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and expertise over this last year. Not only were you key to my back getting better, but you have also made this ACL 'journey' one that I know I can tackle with your help - and allowed me to feel like physio is something I actually look forward to! I will most certainly miss Durham City Physio, your fun and innovative exercises and your undeniable expertise."



"Just to say a big thank you for supporting my recovery following the knee op. I greatly enjoyed our sessions together, and feel that our work on my knee has been a huge success! You'll be pleased to hear that I'm now regularly running 5k's and am working on improving my time."



"Thank you for fixing my shoulder! It is so much better now thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I am swimming for the first time in 3 years!"

- Louise


"I got a lot from our sessions in physiotherapy, especially the fact that you knew what you were doing and were very good at all aspects of your job"

- Alan W


"Many thanks for your very helpful assessment letter concerning EW. I found this very valuable and it is extremely helpful to have this level of detail on a patient's examination and treatment plan."

- Dr JL 


"We cannot thank you enough - if it wasn't for your fantastic expertise 'A' may have never danced again."

- PG


"Thank you so much for the treatment you've given me over the past two years. It has been a constant relief to know that I could come to see you & things could get better. You've really kept me going as it has been quite hard to adapt to a change in lifestyle! Hopefully next year I can get 100% and lead a very active lifestyle - I feel confident in the advice & treatment you've given me and am ready to start the next step of my life with an optimistic mindset!"

- Hazel


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